Nunatak Systems Pty Ltd is a privately-owned Australian company, formally established in 2002, with operations based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Nunatak's area of expertise is the development of bespoke networked applications usually accessed through mobile or desktop browsers.

We specialise in python applications and our software environment and processes are tuned for Web application development.

An Inuit word

Our name comes from the Inuit word for a rocky peak that rises above the surface of a glacier.

In nature, nunataks are singular, prominent and distinctly-profiled. They stand out from featureless and colourless terrain, forming a clear reference point in the landscape.

These are some of the qualities our services can bring to you.

And up front

We don't sell 'shrink-wrapped software in a box' - instead, we build our systems using 'open-source' software to provide tailored solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs and budget.

We truly understand business and business processes across a range of industries. We have guided companies through ISO-9001 accreditation and implemented best practice management systems. We can help you to find the right software solution.